Quick Notes

Sector: Commercial

Contract Type: BMS & EMS

Builder: CPB Contractors

Developer: Winten Properties 

Consultant: Medland Engineering

Location: 9 Denison Street, Sydney, NSW 2127


The background

Microsoft is joining SAP and Nine Entertainment in the “Tower of Tech,” 1 Dension St, North Sydney. With a ten-year lease on levels 25-31, Microsoft is consolidating a number of offices into their new, 10,665 square metres, Australian HQ. Alerton provided the base building and energy management systems for the 39-storey, 1 Denison St property, the tallest building in North Sydney.

Our solution

The fitout for Microsoft integrates base building services with supplementary tenancy systems, comprising of 60 package units, 22 ventilation fans, and 4 air-to-air heat exchangers. Metering adds 28 electrical, 7 water and 9 thermal energy meters. Base building works to facilitate the fit-out include relocation of 140 temperature sensors, 16 VAV’s and significant rework of base building HVAC strategies to accommodate Microsoft’s operational requirements.

High-level interfaces to computer room environmental monitoring system (CREMS), lighting, security, uninterruptible power supply, room booking, and power bus bar round out the technology and energy efficiency focus for both Microsoft and management of 1 Denison St.