About Us

At Leading Edge Automation, we solve the greatest building challenges through innovative technology to boost our clients building performance and energy efficiency.

Our Vision

We leverage the power of building technology and industry knowledge to drive operational growth for businesses and sustainability for communities through smart buildings.

Our Mission

To create intelligent automated buildings that are more cost effective, operationally efficient and manageable for their owners, and provide a more productive and safer environment for its occupants.

Our History

Founded in 1992, today we have grown to a team comprising of over 250 employees located throughout the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. With decades of experience in building management, our team specialise in all aspects of planning, design, delivery and ongoing management of buildings and facilities across various industries.

The first organisation in the world to provide complete open native BACnet systems, we have been installing BACnet systems since 1996; six years prior to its adoption as the ISO and European standard for building automation. This early leadership in technology, combined with our understanding of the benefits of true system integration & interoperability and the impact on long term cost of ownership have contributed to our continued growth and our customers success.


“We are driven to be a world leader in building intelligence to help our customers solve unique and complex building performance and environmental challenges utilising best in class technology, software and innovation.”


Trevor Owen, CEO

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Project Delivery Excellence

Leading Edge Automation aim to differentiate ourselves by providing excellence in everything we do. Excellence is a journey whereby we constantly seek to improve our offerings through technology and through more efficient ways of operating.

We begin every project by understanding our clients needs, ensuring the most appropriate solutions are crafted from a cost, efficiency and technical standpoint. Each solution is designed to leverage new or existing infrastructure to maximise building performance and energy efficiency, while providing safe and optimal tenant comfort conditions for heightened productivity and performance.

Build Capability

We have a strong track record of managing and delivering a range of successful projects. Our success is supported by:

✓ A proven track record for long term customer satisfaction and repeat orders.

✓ Project and vendor neutrality – we use the best and most cost-effective solutions for your facilities.

✓ Provision of innovative solutions utilising the latest technology.

✓ A commitment to a sustainable future.

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Global Operations

Leading Edge Automation has offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia & Australia.

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