Eneergy Management System Features

Advanced Experience and Technology

We act as advisors for all stages of the total lifecycle management, from design and installation, management, maintenance and upgrades. We will make sure your building is performing optimally and cost-effective. 

Reduce Cost by Managing Energy Use

Optimise your energy usage by identifying avoidable energy waste. Our Live energy level tracking and reports provide the necessary information to understand how your building is performing for optimal productivity and minimal waste.

Real Time and Historic Energy Use Monitoring and Verification

Easily determine if your energy usage is maintaining a low-cost performance by measuring it to past data. Our convenient interface allows you to measure data on any phone, tablet or laptop to always stay on top of your consumption. 

Reduce Your Impact On The Environment

Lead the way towards a net-zero future by monitoring and minimising energy usage. Reducing your carbon output will also allow you to achieve a stronger market position through demonstrating high energy ratings.

Bespoke features include:

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