Key Optimisation Solutions

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Building Tuning

Leading Edge Automation provides the controls and systems to improve your buildings performance and lifecycle management for long term success. This is achieved through Leading Edge Automation’s innovative BMS and EMS which can optimize the building.

We strive to deliver customised solutions to every client to ensure the best solution for every situation. Leading Edge Automation does everything in our power to help building owners/managers achieve the desired green building ratings.

Leading Edge Optimisation:

We Optimise:

  • Heating and chilled water systems, including thermal energy storage.
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Electrical infrastructure including power factor correction
  • Cogeneration systems

These optimisations lower the building’s overall utility bills, improving lifecycle management while also enhancing the internal environment of the building to improve productivity and overall well being of the tenants.

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Support Services

Leading Edge Automation’s lifecycle management gives you the peace of mind to know that your buildings are being looked after with onsite and remote support services. The centralised remote customer support network allows Leading Edge Automation to control BMS and energy services on customer sites for 24/7 on-going support from our head office.

Review Building Energy Performance

Owners and building managers can have an up to date debrief on how energy efficient the building is and certain improvements that can be made to increase the energy performance.

BMS Review and Problem Resolutions & Modifications

A full update on the building’s building management system and an update on any problems the building is facing. It also provides possible modifications/solutions to these problems so that the building’s performance can be improved.

BMS Service & Upgrades

We smoothly integrate with the building’s controls and can control the building’s security and CCTV systems. This allows the owner and building management to have easy access to all the systems so that they can keep track of all security systems within the building.

Lighting System Integration/Upgrades

The seamless integration with the buildings BMS and EMS allows the lighting system within the building to operate more efficiently, creating the most optimal lighting condition. Upgrades may be suggested to further enhance the optimisation.

Energy Audits to Optimise Performance

This is paramount for future performance as better energy efficiency both lowers utility costs as well as preserving finite resources.


Energy Metering Upgrades

Allows for precise measurements to properly calculate the performance and overall savings of the upgrades. Proper M&V is crucial for determining the impact that upgrades are having.

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