Lighting Control

Integrate your spaces with lighting control solutions

Lighting Control
Lighting Control

Fully integrated lighting control solutions

Lighting consumes around 15-20% of most building loads. We offer fully integrated lighting control solutions based on the flexible use of zones, implementation of time scheduling, effective use of natural light, and by integrating occupancy control.

This can include the operation of booked or unoccupied rooms in standby mode, and incorporate various occupancy feedback mechanisms including pushbuttons, PIRs etc.

We offer lighting control systems based on a variety of protocols - DALI, KNX, and BACnet® - depending on the user requirements.

Key features of our lighting control solutions include:

Occupancy based lighting
Daylight harvesting, use of ambient light with integrated lighting control
Occupancy triggers to activate HVAC and security systems
Controlled zone lights with access-based credentials
Reduced maintenance costs by proactive tracking of lighting loads
Scene control

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