Quick Notes

Sector: Healthcare

Contract Type: BMS & EMS

Mech Contractor: O.P Industries

Location: 53-81 Vermont St, Wodonga VIC 3690


The background

Albury Wodonga Health is a Cross-Border Health Organisation with operations in both NSW and VIC. The different sites were utilising multiple Building Management Systems, all of which were operating independently of one another and some which had no graphical user interface to for users to navigate through the systems. 


In the past, the Albury Wodonga Health sites were unable to know the heating/cooling requirements of all their central equipment, such as chillers and boilers, consequentially equipment was left running just in case of emergency.  Most other AHU and FCU equipment was also running 24 hours. Many units had temperature sensors that were giving readings far different to the actual conditions, and due to this variable feedback along with control algorithms the temperature in many areas was hunting up and down, resulting in wasted energy, placing extra strain on valves and actuators resulting in premature failure, and ultimately unsatisfactory conditions for occupants.


Alerton Australia performed an upgrade to a singular control system with a Web-Based Interface that would allow high visibility across Campuses. Rather than allowing the system to run 24 hours a day when not utilised, central equipment was changed to operate according to demand. Despite many areas in Hospital environments needing 24 hour operation, there were a number of Day Facilities that were changed to operate on a Daily Time Schedule, and utilise features such as Optimum Start and Night Setback to save energy whilst not affecting comfort conditions during occupied hours.


The sites have measured an approximate 350,000kWh in energy savings, resulting in $120,000 savings across both sites.