Quick Notes

Sector: Commercial

Contract Type: BMS & EMS

Owner: Mirvac

Location: 65 Pirrana Road, Pyrmont NSW 2009


The background

Bay Centre is a modern five-level A-grade waterfront commercial office complex, comprising 22,197m2 & 123 car spaces located adjacent to Darling Harbour. Our EMS delivers actionable information that helps the client invest in and drive energy-efficient decisions. Using the BMS control strategy upgrades, EMS analytics, as well as minor lighting upgrades, Bay Centre has become the first 6-star NABERS rating building for energy efficiency without green power.

Bay Centre needed to reduce carbon emissions effectively, water and waste to assist MIRVAC in reaching its goals of reducing carbon intensity (2018), installing 1MW of renewable energy (2018) and being net positive (2030). Mirvac signed up to a Platinum agreement where the focus of service was to save energy, using BMS control strategy upgrades as part of the Platinum Energy Contract as well as minor lighting upgrades. Under a Platinum Energy Contract, we are constantly monitoring and improving the energy efficiency of Bay Centre.

Our solution

Our approach to smart building and energy management systems helped 1 Darling Harbour maximise energy efficiency and continue to achieve amazing results. In December 2018, official ratings were released that 1 Darling Habour achieved 6 Stars.