Why Is It Important To Have An Effective BMS?


A Building Management System (BMS) is the most important aspect of your building.
It combines all the crucial functions like HVAC, security, energy output and more, so you can optimise the efficiency and comfort of your building. Without it, managing your building would be a complete mess.

What Does It Do?

Using a communication network, BMS’s link the various building functions together, allowing them to communicate with one another to coordinate numerous tasks simultaneously. All BMS’s have a centralised control interface that displays the buildings functions, alerting management of any potential tech issues or security breaches.

5 Key Benefits Of An Effective BMS

1. Gain Valuable Insight And Control

BMS’s give you total control over your building, allowing you to monitor and regulate all its operations without a fuss. It gives you a visual map of the ins-and-outs, so you can see where you can improve things to make your building the most efficient it can possibly be.

2. Keep Your Occupants Comfortable and Safe

As a building owner, your biggest concern is your occupants. You want to make sure they’re always comfortable to be able to function at their best. With a BMS you can regulate the HVAC to be constantly pumping the appropriate amount of air to the suitable number of people within a space. This ensures your occupants don’t overheat or freeze up.

3. Make Your Building The Most Secure

With a BMS, you will always be connected with the security system, which you can access through any phone, tablet or laptop. If there is any security breach of the building your building operators will be the first to know. And you what happy occupants means? Low turnover, higher retention rate, and an increase in your building’s value. 

4. Save On Operation Costs

Having a BMS means you can identify not only where your energy use can be reduced, but where it can be redirected for full optimisation. A BMS’s purpose is to reduce capital cost by optimising every inch of space, and reduce ongoing cost by implementing the most innovative technology which requires minimal maintenance.

5. Boost Your Energy Efficiency

An effective BMS would have an integration of data analytics, which will identify unused spaces where airflow and electricity is being wasted. Being able to regulate and respond to unused energy will save your buildings energy output by upwards of 30%.


Why Use Leading Edge Automation?

With 30 years of experience and a team of over 300 highly skilled and passionate professionals, Leading Edge Automation is one of the best BMS providers around the globe. We make managing buildings simpler with our tailor-made and effective solutions. With a strong track record of managing and delivering a range of successful projects, we guarantee to improve your building’s value, productivity and energy efficiency. 

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