Ensure Staff Are Comfortable

Ensure staff are comfortable and happy with scheduled heating, tailored to the suitable number of people within a room. Staff will work more productively with natural ventilation and natural cooling, which will reduce turnover and increase the value of your building and organisation.

Keep your Business Secure

Data analytics will allow you to monitor and regulate the people entering your building, notifying you of people lingering in suspicious areas and allowing you to take instant action to security breaches. A secure building will keep your staff feeling assured and happy. 

Identify Potential Energy Savings

By identifying the energy use patterns of your building, you will be able to drastically lower the cost of energy bills. Our ongoing energy analysis allows you to determine current use with previous data, so you can visualise the perfect strategy for reducing waste.

Improve NABERS Rating

Increase the value of your building with an accredited NABERS rating. Having a high NABERS rating demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, making you more desirable to employees and enhancing your building portfolio.

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