Our System Features 

Maintain Perfect Temperature

Keep your data centre running efficiently in a climate-controlled environment. Maintain the perfect temperature with our temperature controllers monitoring the humidity and providing constant cooling. Protect your data and equipment from humidity and dust with reliable temperature control. 

Provide Enhanced Security 

Safeguard your data with 24/7 automated monitoring and protection. Our systems are integrated with CCTV, access controls, motion detectors and facial recognition to instantly alert operators of potential security breaches.  

Identify Potential Energy Savings

By identifying the energy use patterns of your building, you will be able to drastically lower the cost of energy bills. Our ongoing energy analysis allows you to determine current use with previous data, so you can visualise the perfect strategy for reducing waste.

Extend Equipment Life

Having a unified operation of the building’s functions means any problems within the building are discovered early, resulting in fewer issues with building equipment.

The performance of the building is never compromised by any downed equipment or utilities as all potential errors are alerted to operators via the centralised monitoring system. Less downtime means greater productivity and extended equipment life. 

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