Quick Notes

Sector: Accommodation

Contract Type: BMS 

Consultant: Link Engineering

Builder: Pro Build

Mech Contractor: D&E Air Conditioning

Location: 14 Mill St, Perth WA 6000


The background

Developed through Accor Hotels, in conjunction with Fragrance Group, the Novotel will feature a 12th-floor fitness and spa facility including a pool, steam room, day spa and sauna, as well as four bars and restaurants, four meeting rooms, a conference room for up to 120 people, and spacious modern rooms.
First CBD Novotel in Perth. The Murray Street Novotel and NV Apartments project comprised of two building towers, Novotel is 27 stories with 1 basement and NV Apartment (residential) is 31 stories with 2 basements, being built simultaneously side by side, each having their own separate BMS.

Our solution

The Novotel building contains 440 hotel rooms with a Leading Edge Automation thermostat controlling the CHW/EDH FCU, a large water-cooled chilled water system on the roof, admin and front-of-house areas from Ground Floor to Level 2 served by AHUs, FCUs and VRF systems controlled by the BMS, and a large high-end kitchen which was constructed as a variation late in the project. 441 Hotel rooms with CHW/EDH FCU individual BACnet controller and thermostat.

The NV Apartments building contains approximately 600 apartments each with its own Mitsubishi wall split fed from a water-cooled condenser which is wired back to the Mitsubishi power apportioning system for tenant billing. There is a large condenser water system located on the roof which serves the water-cooled condensers throughout the building. There are then several FCUs and various exhaust, carpark and toilet fans throughout the building controlled by the BMS.  Tenant billing is by Lynx but we provide the network for Mitsubishi and relay the information through to Lynx via Optergy BBMD. 

Over 600 residential apartment VRF units are served by a CW loop controller by Alerton, we are doing BMS & Mech Elec – Decon Industries were the Mech Elec subcontractor. No EMS – we are only monitoring MSSB electrical meters. We have monthly maintenance on both buildings with the NV apartments side more checking the system is working correctly which it has been and we haven’t had issues.

On the Novotel side, we have had to tune the system extensively in the last 6 months as the building was essentially taken out of its designed use and is now 75% occupied with hotel quarantine for return travellers from overseas. Instead of being empty until 5 pm when guests return, guests are now in their rooms 24/7 for 2 weeks and we have had to re-engineer the way the CHW system works to ensure that it’s not running 24/7 yet is providing cooling to the guests at all times who are bored and will complain very easily