The tools you need to track building performance

Our Platinum Maintenance Agreement provides the tools you need to track building performance, reduce operating costs, and support NABERS as well as other sustainability initiatives.

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A pathway for improving your NABERS Star Rating

Our Platinum Maintenance Agreement will help you increase your stakeholders’ awareness of their energy use. It encourages their participation and collaboration in understanding the impact of energy consumption trends by comparing energy use over days, weeks and years.

The Energy Dashboard hosts your data onsite and keeps it within your reach and control – no subscription fees, no third-party vendor setup charges.

Improve tenant comfort condition (achieved by fine tuning of the system) which also leads to less complaints as the comfort conditions are improved.

Building tuning by implementing an improved energy efficient setup with an aim to save energy across the entire site and associated plant.

Setup specific graphics/dashboards to track the energy consumption through the energy management system.

Regular interrogation of energy data logs, including exception reporting of anomalies notified via email alerts.

Smoother running of the system – fine tuning and minor control strategy changes.

Comprehensive report and recommendations of opportunities identified to improve energy rating, and decrease carbon emissions on a regular basis.

Summary of energy data reports for the month prior to the data analysis.

Continually providing advice/suggestions where energy can be saved.

Continually providing advice/suggestions on possible upgrades to achieve better efficiency and again reduce electrical consumption.

Implementing smart alarming and resting to minimize vesting by equipment being overridden (forgotten) or running too long or too fast due to faulty equipment.

Energy consumption alarms – night alarms where possible (in conjunction with EMS).

Ongoing monitoring/reviewing of energy consumption in comparison to NABERS rating.

List of energy concerns included in quarterly reports.

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