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BMS and Mech Elec


22 Highbury Grove, London N5 2EF, United Kingdom


Workspace Group PLC

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The Challange

Workspace Screenworks was running on an outdated BMS system. Workplace wanted to upgrade the old Trend system, which was unintuitive for the facility managers, and replace it with a more optimised and user-friendly option. Upon scanning the system, we found 25 faulty meters.

The Solution

We implemented a new Optergy based BMS using Optergy P684 Controllers. The new Optergy headend massively improved on the legacy Trend system. The headend graphics were developed with feedback from the customer and based on the Workspace Westbourne workshop.

All faulty meters were corrected and added to Optergy. Additionally, 8 new zone temperature sensors, a 2-way valve and an additional P864 were installed after review.