In today’s fast-paced world, building owners strive for optimal efficiency and seamless operations in their smart buildings.

One essential step in achieving this is precommissioning—an often overlooked but crucial process in the installation of building management systems (BMS). 

The traditional project delivery process begins with the allocation of a project engineer who plans, designs, and sets up the project, preparing it for the installation team. Following this, the project undergoes pre-commissioning to minimise errors and ensure high-quality delivery. Once power is available within the building, the project is commissioned to verify proper functioning and installation.


What is Pre-Commissioning?

In the building automation industry, pre-commissioning plays a vital role in the project delivery process. It involves setting up and configuring all the software components of a BMS project before power is made available in the building. This step allows engineers to focus on installing and checking the hardware components, ensuring their intended functionality.

During the pre-commissioning phase, the BMS software is carefully configured and customised to meet the specific requirements of the building. This includes programming control algorithms, establishing communication protocols, and integrating subsystems such as HVAC, lighting, security, and energy management.

Additionally, pre-commissioning involves conducting thorough functional tests to validate the proper operation of the BMS. This includes simulating different scenarios and verifying the interaction between various components to ensure seamless integration and functionality.

Benefits of Pre-Commissioning:


1. Streamlined Process

Pre-commissioning plays a crucial role in streamlining the commissioning process. Since power is the last utility a building receives, pre-commissioning provides a turnkey solution for engineers to proceed with their projects immediately upon power availability. This eliminates the need to wait for electricians to check cables for correct wiring, preventing major delays and a cluttered construction site, allowing other workers to progress with their tasks.


2. Quality Control

Pre-commissioning ensures thorough quality control for the commissioning, installation, and checking process. By completing most of the commissioning work before power is available, BMS providers can install and check systems without unknown errors disrupting operations. Mistakes made during pre-commissioning can be easily traced and fixed, as engineers will know precisely where to look.


How This Helps Building Owners


3. Reduced Commissioning Time

To save on energy, the targets that are set during commissioning might not accommodate the comfort of the building’s inhabitants. Fine-tuning allows building operators to identify data and correct temperature set points to ensure HVAC units are running at a constant comfortable level whilst keeping energy levels low.


4. Minimised Human Error

Pre-commissioning significantly reduces the risk of human error, instilling confidence in the reliability of project delivery. Defects can be detected and resolved before final installation, addressing a common challenge faced by control companies. This ensures high-quality delivery, customer satisfaction, and minimises the likelihood of issues arising during BMS operation.


By emphasising the importance of pre-commissioning, building owners can benefit from a smoother and more efficient construction process. They can avoid unnecessary delays, optimise resource allocation, and minimise the likelihood of potential issues arising during BMS operation.

Pre-commissioning serves as a proactive measure to identify and rectify any system errors or discrepancies before commissioning and energising the building, ensuring optimal functionality, performance, and alignment with the owner’s requirements. Working with an experienced BMS provider like Leading Edge Automation can enhance the reliability and performance of your building automation system.

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