Quick Notes

Sector: Retail

Contract Type: BMS & EMS

Contractor: Frendon Air

Developer: AG Coombs

Location: Baylis St, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

The background

Wagga Wagga Marketplace is the largest retail shopping centre in the Riverina region of New South Wales, containing over 60 speciality stores and an underground car park. Alerton was included in carrying out the centre’s multi-million dollar refurbishment through shop fit-outs and new air conditioning. We were contracted to provide controls on 2 new boilers and chillers, 4 multi-zone and 11 single zones roof-mounted AHUs. These would replace the multiple existing systems which were in disrepair and no longer capable of handling the heating and cooling loads the building required.




The existing multiple head ends had fallen into disrepair and gave the centre little to no input into schedule times or set-points for the building which was leading to a great deal of wasted energy and money for the centre with less than ideal conditions. The local mechanical servicing company was limping along old package units requiring permanent hoses attached to keep coil temps low in Summer and manual forcing of Louvres and Dampers in Winter. On the whole, it was an unsustainable approach to the upkeep of a shopping centre.

Our solution

Alerton integrated existing and new lighting onto an Optergy Enterprise head end and cut over an existing Electric Carpark Exhaust system to be included with new air-conditioning controls. We also implemented power metering in an entirely new Building Management System which will cover all aspects of the centre and would maximise energy efficiency to reduce energy consumption


Alerton was able to complete the project under cost and within the timeframes required to give the client a controls package that would excellently supplement the mechanical installation they had carried out on the building. This left the management of the centre with a fully functional system capable of maintaining quality conditions throughout tenancies and mall areas and limiting power use throughout the building.