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Bovingdon Airfield, Chesham Rd, Hemel Hempstead HP3 0GH, United Kingdom

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Bovingdon Studios, with its expansive 80,000 sqft of purpose-built studio and stage space, stands as one of the UK’s most versatile film studios in close proximity to London. This state-of-the-art facility prides itself on a comprehensive array of amenities, including a well-equipped Production Office, luxurious Dressing Rooms, dedicated Makeup & Hair Rooms, and essential Medical Rooms.

Having played host to blockbuster productions like DC’s Justice League, Fast and Furious, and Bohemian Rhapsody, Bovingdon Studios is a renowned destination in the cinematic world. Our contribution to this prestigious site is the provision of an energy-efficient Energy Management System (EMS), ensuring meticulous monitoring of electrical meters across the facility.

This system not only underscores our commitment to sustainable and efficient energy use but also bolsters the studio’s reputation as a leading-edge location for film production.