Alerton Australia / Leading Edge Automation have just been contracted to perform the building management system replacement for Melbourne landmark building.

Project overview

Managing the day to day operations of any building can be hard work. Competing demands for attention often cause a slow but continued performance degradation of building systems. When a BMS system’s performance degrades, often energy consumption increases and the conditions inside a building become poor. This in-turn increases the outgoing costs for tenants and makes the space uncomfortable to occupy.

London Stores, located at 349 Bourke Street Melbourne is a heritage listed landmark building. The existing pneumatic controls is over 30 years old, outdated and struggling to keep the indoor environment conditions within a tolerable range for tenants. In an effort to reduce the overall energy consumption and improve the indoor environment quality, the old pneumatic controls is being replaced by a new DDC BMS system.

Replacing systems to future proof interoperability

The pneumatics will be replaced with industry standard BACnet controllers in the field, using BACnet will future proof the interoperability of systems. The Enterprise platform by Optergy will be installed as the front-end interface for the end user, providing easy system operation requiring only a low level of training which is supported by multiple vendors.

System replacement to save energy

This system upgrade will see a drastic reduction in the energy consumed by the building but more importantly, maintain indoor environment conditions and ensure  satisfaction for the incoming anchor tenant and ongoing leasing for the building owner.

Early works have commenced on site, with completion expected in Q4 2017.

Quick Notes

Sector: Commercial
Contract Type: BMS
Project status: Current
Location: Melbourne, VIC

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